Acute, Critical Care, Surgery, & Transplant

The Acute, Critical Care, Surgery & Transplant CTSU provides much-needed infrastructure to study time-sensitive, unscheduled clinical interventions in the emergency medical services (EMS) system, emergency department (ED), critical care unit, transplant, or an acute hospital setting. The CTSU is the catalyst for creating and sustaining multidisciplinary collaborative research teams who develop and study interventions for patients receiving acute and critical care in the above mentioned settings.  Such teamwork is essential for studies involving unscheduled, time-sensitive enrollment and rapid transitions of care across multiple physical locations and provider teams. Our highly dedicated clinical trials team provides a continuity of services to promote research within our institution for our trainees, faculty, and staff and most importantly, deliver the best experience possible for our patients. We are here every step of the way.  Mission Statement: To facilitate system-wide success of acute & critical care clinical trials by creating a value-focused sustainable infrastructure that promotes high-impact science and benefits our trainees, faculty, staff, and most importantly our patients and families

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